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Political Science 3X03

Political Science 3X03
Security Issues
Published by Kathy2
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Political Science 3X03

I didn`t particularly enjoy this course. I thought we were going to talk about security policies and the politics of security, but we didn`t. The lectures were based on what certain authors have said about certain events or ideas. It was kind of dull. I didn`t learn anything about any events, or places, or policies - I only learned about what some authors said about them.

The course breakdown was as follows:
20% tutorial attendance and participation
10% essay proposal
35% essay
35% exam

The professor was friendly and helpful, but I didn`t come out of this class feeling like I learned anything. We didn`t address any sort of political aspect of security in this class, and it`s disappointing because that`s why I choose to take it.

(It`s posible that I would have enjoyed the course more if I had a better experience with my TA, so take my review with a grain of salt.)

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Kathy, your sentiments are bang on. I took this course hoping to learn about security issues and strategy and came out with nothing concrete for my efforts. The prof, although nice, seemed to focus on terrorism - a topic that is over discussed. Moreover, a post-modern approach to security issues was taken by the TAs and the prof. This made the course useless to me as someone genuinely interested in strategy and security issues. If you are a terrorist sympathizer take this course, you will do well in it.

The professor was Dr. Monika Thakur.

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Hey Kathy,

I have this course lined-up for next term, and I'm still not entirely confident about taking it. If you wouldn't mind, I have a few questions about the course:

- How heavy are the readings?
- Are the readings vital to doing well? (I.e. is it practical to do well in this course without doing the readings?)
- Are the lectures substantive? Or are they brief overviews of what we're expected to already know?
- What kind of essay is written? Is it based off the readings? Is it a research paper? Or is it some other kind of essay?
- Overall, how easy did you find this course? (I.e. Easier or harder than your other courses?)

Any insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated!
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The course starts off as being fun but than it gets boring.
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