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CSCT/English 3X03

CSCT/English 3X03
Contemporary Native American Literature in the United States
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CSCT/English 3X03

I was initially not looking forward to this class, but once it started I really liked it.

Monture is hilarious, and presents the material in an interesting way. I found it was similar in a lot of was to the Po-Co lit course I took, with a little bit of Anthropology mixed in.

We read four books, and had a small courseware of poetry.

We had two essays, a midterm, and a final exam.

I'm taking the Canadian Component this year because I really, reallyed enjoyed the class!
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I know I've rated this class really highly but I absolutely LOVED it... I had Theresa um...I blank on her last name, but she was incredible... One of the few classes/electives I have taken at Mac where I feel like I actually learned a lot. When I took it, it was also pretty easy.
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I took this course with Rick Monture in Spring/Summer of 2010 and is about literature by native people in the US. The course is cross listed as communication studies 3x03, English 3x03, indigenous studies 3e03 and peace studies 3x03 and so there were people with different backgrounds of study in the class.This was my first university English course so I thought the course would be really hard but I found it to be enjoyable and easy to do well in. The literature we looked at included 3 novels, some essays, poetry, short stories, movies, literary theory, performance art, dance and some photography …. Basically, there is something for everyone! Also, we had a guest lecturer from New Zealand who gave a talk about Maori literature.

Course Breakdown
Writing Assignment = 15%
Midterm = 20%
Essay = 35 %
Exam = 30 %

The midterm and exams had essay style questions as well as long answer questions. The writing assignment is specific to one of two questions that are provided. I thought all the assessments were fair.

The instructor was great. He told us a lot of stories and was helpful in understanding the materials. The course materials were generally enjoyable (however, one of the novels was hard to get into and literary theory is a bit hard but we only just talked about that).

I think this course would be better in the fall/winter period because the novels and essays can be a little hard to keep up with in a condensed periods however the prof was accommodating. I enjoyed this course a lot and I will also be taking the Canadian native lit in the fall!
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